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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tip from Alison Willcocks

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.
(dari puyap yan)-gud tip..ayat ni mmg the best bg keadaan aku skrg ni..kena la sgt...so mau relax!
xplu lg tkejar2 bnda yg xpasti..tgu pulak..if she love me, she will find me...depend gak pd ego seseorang...klu ego tggi skit dari klcc nuu payah gak la..mmg smpai kiamat la "it never was!!" eheh! pa2 pn biarla...dugaan tuhan...yg pasti, stiap yg tuhan uji pasti ada hikmahnya...insyallah..so baik layan lgu estrella dlu..best!.

TaKe iT sLoW bY eStReLLa(klik sini utk dgar lagu)

I will keep you waiting, Until you say something
Baby don't be hating, I'm just doing my thing
No no no no, Can you fill me in

Can I get your number; I will be your shelter
Through the rain and thunder, break your heart I'll never
Love, I'll promise you forever

Maybe we can take it slow
I can show you what you've been waiting for
Maybe we can take it slow
Just let me show you what's you've been waiting for

Sinking in each other,we will be together
Lacing up my finger, saving all my kisses for you
You're all that I need and you've got me thinking, if

2 suRat saMaN:

-jebull- said...

yup.. mau relex suda..
smpai bila kita nk kejar2 ! If someone loves you it will be shown how much she will love you

The Aie said...

thats rite...